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Our products restore any original stainless steel surface. Let us help remove unseemly scratches, scuff marks, graffiti gouged into the surface of elevator doors, elevator interiors, stainless steel handrails, kitchen and wash room splash backs--anything stainless steel!


Introducing THE BUFF! The Buff is perfect for auto, truck and motorcycle needs. Check out our specific performance products and choose between buffing wheels, compounds and buffing products, shoe polishes and brushes! 


We work with a variety of clients from corporate to small business and multi-faceted companies to individual personal needs. Contact us to set up a free assessment and estimate!


Roto Buff manufactures string buffing wheels using wire staple construction to create a stronger brush with perfect balance. Densely filled with a soft white cotton yarn, our brushes are designed for use with grease-based or grease-less compounds to produce finishes on metal ranging from very dull satin to bright butler. 

Thousands of string ends hold buffing compounds better than cloth buffing wheels. High pliability enables high performance finishes on irregular surfaces! 

Our string buffing wheels can be used on:

  • flexible shafts
  • bench mounts
  • all automatic finishing systems

Buffing wheels designed for your specific application!

We manufacture over 600 sizes and specifications of string wheels. Wheels have a core of wood or plastic and can be custom designed to suit your special purpose.

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