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SR400 Greaseless Compound - #32 2.5 Lb. bar

SR400 Greaseless Compound - #32 2.5 Lb. bar

As the name implies, Kocour Greaseless Compounds are made entirely free of any grease binders such as tallow, oil, wax, etc. Using animal hide glue as the binder, abrasive grain is skillfully blended into this glue base to form a uniformly mixed "greaseless" compound. 

When applied to a revolving buffing wheel, the frictional heat created causes the compound to melt, thus an even coating of glue and abrasive grain is transferred to the wheel. This abrasive coating dries quickly, and the wheel is ready for use.

The many grades of Greaseless Compounds produced, in grit sizes from coarse to very fine, permit an equally wide range of finishes and cutting actions on the work. Further, Greaseless Compound is easily applied to a cotton string wheel. This allows extreme flexibility for the operator when finishing articles that have a flat or rounded surface as well as irregular, restricted, and recessed areas.

Typical applications are blending of pre-finished stainless steel, relieving of antiqued finishes, and as a sisal substitute prior to nickel plating. Because Greaseless Compound is made completely free of any tallows, oils, or waxes, the buffed work is left clean and dry, and further cleaning operations are not required.

Grit sizes range from SR80(coarse) to SR400(fine) to Fine Finish (very fine); the smaller the number, the coarser the grit.
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